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Welcome and thank you for purchasing my Fire Alarm System! It has several components and I've attempted to make it as user friendly as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our discord server for the fastest support. https://discord.gg/KDTQXBQm6K

Feature List

  • Detects and Suppresses HD Fires
  • Able to send Alarm Messages to Discord and the Nexus Pager System.
  • Able to automatically unlock Certain Gentek IntelliDoor Models.
  • Fully Functional Emergency Lighting System
  • Bell and Buzzer Models for the Notification System.
  • Includes US, UK, and EU Fire Pull Station Versions.


FACU - Fire Alarm Control Unit

The first steps on setting everything up is to have your FACU set up.
The FACU is used to control your network of fire alarms that are configured to it.

To Setup

Follow these steps to setup your FACU.
  1. Rez out the "[RR] FAS FACU".
  2. Right Click and go into the object's contents.
  3. Edit the notecard "Application.Config".
  4. Enter an Alarm ID. (This is used to link alarms together).
  5. Enter a group setting.



If Suppression is on, and a Detector has a fire signal sent, Suppression will activate. It will not activate for a Pull Station Activation.


Resetting your FACU will turn everything off in the system and rearm it.
When you're done with the alarms and don't need them on anymore, this is what you should press to reset them back to Normal Status


Don't you love when your employees see you heading towards that alarm panel? DRILL TIME
When you do a drill on the Annunciator, it will not send a tone out on Discord/Pagers


You can manually turn on the lights via this button on the panel. They will auto turn on when a alarm goes off.


If you have a Relay setup for the Gentek IntelliDoors, this will toggle weather or not a door unlock signal is sent upon a alarm.

These only work with Gentek IntelliDoors Home, Commercial, Industrial, Glass and Alarmed that are versions 3.0.0 and later.

Pull Station

The pull station is used to set off the alarms in case of an emergency.
Make sure this is out in the open or people might burn.

To Setup

Follow these steps to setup your Fire Alarm Notification Station.
  1. Rez out the "[JAC] FAS Manual Notification Station".
  2. Right Click and go into the object's contents.
  3. Edit the notecard "Application.Config".
  4. Enter an Alarm ID (This is used to link alarms to the FACU).


The Bell is used to make your nearby people upset
Of course, you can use it to inform people they need to get out of the oven.

To Setup

Follow these steps to setup your Bell
  1. Rez out the "[RR] FAS Alarm Bell".
  2. Right Click and go into the object's contents.
  3. Edit the notecard "Application.Config".
  4. Put the Alarm ID from your Fire Alarm Control Unit. Then Save.
  5. Changing the sounds can be accomplished by replacing the sounds inside the Bell/Buzzer with your own named "DRILL" and "FIRE".

Smoke Detector

  1. Rez out your [RR] FAS Smoke Detector.
  2. Configure your AlarmID as appropriate, there are no other configurable variables at this time.
  3. It will detect HD Fires and anything else named "SMOKE".

Fire Sprinklers

  1. Rez out your sprinklers and configure the AlarmID to your system. There is no other configurable variables at this time.

Auxilary Relays

Discord Relay

  1. Rez Out your "[RR] FAS Relay(Discord)"
  2. Configure your Relay as described in your Notecard, detailed instructions are above each variable.

Nexus Pager Relay

  1. Rez out your "[RR] FAS Relay(Nexus Pagers)"
  2. Go to your Nexus Pager Computer Terminal and Copy the Object Description. Paste this into the Description of your Relay.
  3. Configure the Relay Variables as you wish in the Notecard Configuration.
  4. The Messages will show up on the pagers and speakers you have set to that channel.

Gentek IntelliDoor Relay

  1. Rez our your "[RR] FAS Relay(IntelliDoor)"
  2. Copy the BBID Of your doors(It must be the same for all the doors you are controlling.) You will find this in the Object Description of one of your doors. Place this BBID in your Config Notecard where appropriate unless the BBID of your Doors is None, then leave it as is.
  3. Place the List of Doors you wish to unlock when a alarm goes off in the notecard as well, separating them with commands. DoorID1,DoorID2,MyFrontDoor,WeirdRoom


For any techies out there, I've included a very basic API for you. It doesn't give all the specifics and stuff like the system gives components made by Red Robot(It's simply to allow us to create proprietary components that have more features), but nevertheless, I feel any decent system in SL should have a API nowadays as should any software in General.

You can listen on channel 69421 for the following commands prefixed by your Alarm ID and a |

- ALARM = Means the system is in an Alarm State from a Pull Station or a Smoke Detector. When a 3rd party modification receives this, a internal boolean should be set to TRUE and the device should not accept any more fire commands until a RESET command is received. This will not be triggered with a drill.

- RESET = The System has been reset, any third party modifications should reset as well.

- SILENCE = The System has been silenced, but is still in Alarm Mode.